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Prepare for the most successful version of the play & earn model. The most engaging puzzle-rpg game on the blockchain is on its way.

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Enjoy the game with over 100.000 unique NFT characters per class! Enhance the gaming experience with accessories and customize your NFT heroes!

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Chubby Five is a game universe where players can play a real time Puzzle RPG game with NFT heroes.
Those heroes on the battleground have 5 different classes and have their own roles to defeat the opponent.
Upgrade your characters and compete at a higher level, play the adventure and challenge modes, defeat the opponents and win tokens!

Chubby token

$CHU is the native currency in the game. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game.


✅ Launch Whitepaper
✅ Launch Tokenomics
✅ Launch Website
✅ Launch Telegram, Discord, Twitter
✅ Chubby Five Development
✅ Early Access - PvP Mode
✅ Character Creation
✅ Game Release
✅ Closed Beta Ticket System
✅ In-house NFT Marketplace Integration
$CHU Pre-Sale
NFT Minting
Story Expansion (Chapter 2)
Friendly Matches


What is Chubby Five?
Chubby Five is an awesome puzzle role playing game you can play on both mobile phone and PC. Is this explanation enough? Of course not! Not without mentioning the NFTs, story behind the game, and how cool the gameplay is. Since there is too little space for an explanation the game deserves, go on and explore it yourself!
Is Chubby Five free-to-play?
Chubby Five is as free as sitting at a restaurant. You get to enjoy the atmosphere and a glass of tap water for free. However, if you'd like to fill your belly with some delicious ravioli, you have to pay. 
In short, Chubby Five is free to play, including extra options such as purchasable Chubby NFTs and limited edition Chubbies.
What is CHUBBY Token?
CHUBBY Token is a currency you can use in Chubby Five game. You can exchange CHUBBY Tokens to any other wanted currency on cryptocurrency exchanges. Please note that the ticker of CHUBBY Token is $CHU.
Can I make money by playing Chubby Five?
You can definitely earn money (CHUBBY Token) as long as you feed your Chubbies and defeat your opponents. Chubby Five is a play&earn game.
What regions and languages does Chubby Five support?
There is no region restriction to play Chubby Five, except where restrictions are required for compliance. Servers will be in North America and Europe at the start of early access, and more will be added as we see fit. At start only English will be supported, but localized languages will expand as the game grows.
How to buy a Chubby?