What is Chubby Five?
Chubby Five is an awesome puzzle role playing game you can play on both mobile phone and PC. Is this explanation enough? Of course not! Not without mentioning the NFTs, story behind the game, and how cool the gameplay is. Since there is too little space for an explanation the game deserves, go on and explore it yourself!
Is Chubby Five free-to-play?
Chubby Five is as free as sitting at a restaurant. You get to enjoy the atmosphere and a glass of tap water for free. However, if you'd like to fill your belly with some delicious ravioli, you have to pay.
In short, Chubby Five is free to play, including extra options such as purchasable Chubby NFTs and limited edition Chubbies.
What is CHUBBY Token ($CHU)?
CHUBBY Token ($CHU) is a currency you can use in Chubby Five game. You can exchange $CHU to any other wanted currency on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Can I make money by playing Chubby Five?
You can definitely earn money $CHU as long as you feed your Chubbies and defeat your opponents. Chubby Five is a play&earn game.
What regions and languages does Chubby Five support?
There is no region restriction to play Chubby Five, except where restrictions are required for compliance. Servers will be in North America and Europe at the start of early access, and more will be added as we see fit. At start only English will be supported, but localized languages will expand as the game grows.
What are Chubbies?
Chubbies are unique digital heroes with various powers used to defeat the opponents. There are 5 different chubby types with different characteristics due to their class.
What platforms will Chubby Five be available on?
It has been launched on mobile and PC platforms up to now. Stay tuned for announcements about other platforms such as remote controller or maybe air conditioner...
What is this blockchain thing people talk about?
In the coolest terms, blockchain is the first step to decentralization. It allows you to sell chubbies to other players in the game, buy chubbies and use it in the game, as well as convert virtual into real money. All these economic actions are taken by the players. In other words, the players control the game. Awesome, isn't it?!
Is there a single-player playing option?
Of course! The game has different modes, so you can play on your own when you're not in a social butterfly mood.
Is each Chubbies' ability or power different?
All chubbies are unique. There are five different classes with different base stats. Some of them are good at defending, others at attacking. The only thing in common is their big belly and big heart.
How are Chubbies created?
There is a starter roster for everyone that are not NFTs with default stats. You can play the game with these Chubbies and start earning tokens. If you want to go further and be able use all the features of the game, you have to have all five NFT Heroes in your roster. These Chubbies are unique NFT Heroes. Either you can buy the starter pack and have 5 unique, just created NFT Heroes or go to the marketplace and choose your own and complete your roster one by one. Note that you can do this only on PC.
What is ICO?
ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. With ICO, players and investors interested in the game take a potential advantage by buying CHUBBY Tokens ($CHU) at an early stage. By purchasing $CHU at an early stage, you invest in the currency used in the game and profit from future price increases. You can read our statement on the ICO here.
What is a wallet and why should I use it?
A crypto wallet is not much different from the wallet used in real life. Just as keeping money or photos of your loved ones in a real wallet, in a crypto wallet you can keep your cryptocurrencies and collectibles (Chubbies). Read the article related to ensuring the security of your crypto wallet.